congresso INQUA-2023 (Roma, 14-20 luglio 2023)

Cari colleghi, se siete interessati ai reef e alle strutture biocostruite quaternarie, di qualsiasi origine, non potete mancare alla nostra sessione del congresso INQUA-2023 (Roma, 14-20 luglio 2023):
Not only z-corals: Quaternary reefs across the latitudinal and depth gradients 
Biogenic reefs, build-ups and mounds are represented in the Quaternary record by a variety of morphologies, external architectures, and components. Most of them grew by in situ repeated superposition of a mixture of skeletal and microbial carbonate, deposited on the shelves during the Holocene sea-level rise; others developed in aphotic marine environments. Their inception and growth, on a secular to millennial scale, responded to a complex interplay of available substrate, sedimentary regime, geological and oceanographic controls acting on their physical environment and food/nutrient supply. The local combined effects of sea level change and vertical land motion generated a diverse suite of geomorphologies, with different types of bioconstruction occurring across the latitudinal and depth gradients. The main framework builders were organisms with a multidecadal to centennial life span, such as calcareous algae, bivalves, bryozoans, corals that recorded many biogeochemical paleoceanographic proxies with high definition and were variably associated in distinctive paleo-benthic assemblages.
They hosted a high diversity of micro-dwellers, such as foraminifera, responding rapidly to the environmental changes and heralding major crisis and demise. 
We invite contributions about reefs as natural multiscale and multi-proxy archives of climatic, oceanographic, and local changes for the Quaternary.
Daniela Basso, Università di Milano-Bicocca
Christian Betzler, University of Hamburg
Silvia Spezzaferri, University of Fribourg
Elias Samankassou, University of Geneva
La scadenza per la presentazione degli abstract è:  1 Novembre 2022
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